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professional nail art and extension course and training
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Professional Nail Art & Nail Extension Training/Course In Delhi

An institute for professional nail-art and extension classes in Delhi


About nail art

A person’s nails are a mirror reflection of one’s overall grooming and style statement. How you paint them, what you put on them, what shade you choose and how much you experiment with them communicates your overall understanding of style and couture. The nail art business has reached Sterling Heights in fashion, pop culture and has occupied a large share in the fashion industry. The primitive definition of a manicure and pedicure has been completely transformed nowadays. From eyebrow raising shades to 3-d designs to embellishing them with miniature jewelry, people are now coming up with splendid innovations to boost their nail game. With the old rules of nail art being thrown away, and nails becoming a high profile in popular culture, the generation has some pretty creative ideas since nails are now being used as a medium to express individuality.


About importance of professional training

With the rising demand of nail artists and stylists in the ever growing style industry, it is important to have a thorough understanding of all the technicalities related to nail art, before taking it up as a profession. Although nail art can also be pursued as a hobby. In order to become a Professional nail technician/artist in ever booming beauty industry one has to have a grasp of the required skillset. The rapidly evolving industry has now made use of advanced techniques like using nail drill machine, high end gels and adhesives. Therefore getting nail art and nail extension training takes you from a rookie to an expert level stylist.


About the institute

We are a leading nail art institute in Delhi and have come up as the top in the field of nail art and extension training academies. Our curriculums are always at par with the industry standards and are regularly updated as per the evolving patterns and demands of the industry. We ensure that our pupils are not just aware but also have hands on training on whatever is new in the industry. As per the requirements we offer two separate courses: hobby and professional. The hobby course includes the basics of nail art and is prepared for those who wish to pursue nail art as a hobby per say. The professional course has a more advanced training material and is apt for those who want to make it a profession and work in the beauty industry. So of you need a professional or hobby training/course in Delhi, we have got you covered. Our institute values professionalism, and thus, we focus on polishing our students till they strive hard to become the top professionals in the industry


About the course/training in Delhi

Professional course: Our professional course curriculum has a duration of 15 days which can be made a little flexible and extended for few days in case a student wants to stay for additional practice before stepping in the industry. Classes are held on every alternative day from 12:30 pm to 6 pm as we want our curriculum to be more rigorous and extensive. The alternative day gap is given so that a student can practice what was taught the earlier day before learning a new skill the other day. For practice purposes, we provide a free nail art & extensions kit to all the students. We ensure that all doubts and queries are cleared beforehand and the students grasp each and everything that has been taught to them regarding all the techniques and art styles.

The course initiates with a briefing about the latest tools and equipment used in the nail art industry. Tools are a fundamental part of any skill, and likewise, nail art also requires a thorough understanding of your tools and equipment. Without tools, professional nail art cannot be carried out and thus we ensure that our students understand the procedure and Correct technique to use all the tools without damaging natural nails and cuticles. They are also to kee the hygiene at the top. making sure that their personal hygiene is good and all the equipments are always lean and ensure health and safty for themself and their clients.

The next step that comes after tools is the nail shapes which include Round shape, Almond shape, Square shape, Oval shape, Stiletto shape, Ballerina shape etc. Post that we will focus on the different kind of nail extensions, like Gel nail buildup, Acrylic nail buildup, and French nail buildup which is also called French manicure. This process is very important to learn in order to do a super smooth nail buildup so that filing work is reduced afterwards.

Once the students are taught these steps, we will then shift to learning the process of nail paint application. Under this segment students will be taught the various techniques that are currently trending in the industry for nail print application and they will also learn how to use UV lamp for curling and drying.

Post this stage the students will be taught creative crafts like Stone art, Brush art, Ombre nails, Nail stamping, Marbling and many more. This section of the training process will encourage the students to explore their inner creativity for nail art and will be made to practice hard for optimal results.

The follow up will be done with a section on the hygiene required that will deal with sanitizing the nail art tools and personal hygiene from the previous lessons. Students will be given comprehensive classes on how to care for damaged/broken nails or customers who have nail biting habits without risking hygiene and safety standards.

On the completion of the above there will be a 3 hour session on digital and social media marketing so that the student can learn how to market their business. The students will also get a free basic website for the same and 2 job listings from Monster India and Indeed.

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Hobby course/training in Delhi

Hobby course: This is a basic training course for 6 days. The students will get a basic understanding of nail art and extension which will focus on nail shapes, nail build up, basic nail art and gel paint application

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Career opportunities

The nail art industry offers various career options. You can either open your own nail studio/salon, or you can work as a nail technician at any other salon. In case you already have a salon, this course will give you an additional boost. One can also work as a freelancer with portals like Urbanclap and many others. Any nail salon may earn anywhere from Rs 50,000/- to even 3,00,000/- per month depending on their work quality and studio location, where as nail technician may earn a salary from Rs 8000/- to 45000/- per month again depending on their work quality.

Nail Training Road Map

Course/Training Road Map

Day 1
  • Introduction to tools and nail tips sizes.
  • Nail Shapes.
  • Nail Anatomy.
Day 2
  • Preparation of natural nail for extensions.
  • Application of artificial tips.
  • Introduction to acrylic powder and gel.
  • Application of acrylic on nails.
Day 3
  • Handing over the kit.
  • Application of nail paint.
  • Application glitter paint.
Day 4
  • Application of loose glitte.
  • Stone art and mylar.
Day 5
  • Chrome art.
  • Tape art.
  • Ombre.
Day 6
  • Nail extension removal.
  • Re-filling.
Day 7
  • Gel application.
  • French nail application.
Day 8
  • Toe and hand overlay and extension.
Day 9
  • Matte nails.
  • Dot nails art.
  • Tape Art.
Day 10
  • Marbelling.
  • Brush art.
Day 11
  • Temporary nail application.
  • Stamping.
  • Femos.
Day 12
  • Needle art.
  • Foil.
  • Cat eye.
Day 13
  • General discussion.
  • Questions and answers.
  • Live nails testing.
Day 14
  • 3D art.
Day 15
  • Marketing Lesson.
  • Certificate distribution.
  • Handing over free website and job listings.
  • Farewell party.

Nail Kit

  • Natural Tips
  • French Tips
  • Cutical Pusher
  • 2 Filers
  • 2 Buffers
  • 1 Dusting Brush
  • Tip Cutter
  • Dep N Dish
  • Nail Glue
  • Acrylic Powder
  • Gel
  • 1 Acrylic Brush
  • 1 Gel Brush
  • 1 Brush For Brush Art
  • Monomer
  • Non Acetone
  • Top Coat or sealer
  • LED Lamp
  • 1 Dotting Tool
  • Tape
  • Mylar
  • Glitter
  • Jewellery
  • 2 Gel Nail Paints

Course Fees

Hobby Course-Rs 9,999/-(Nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine only)

Professional Course- Rs 21,999/-(Twenty one thousand nine hundred ninety nine only)

All modes of payment are accepted. Please call 9910104924 to book your seat. We take only 10 students every batch to ensure quality training.

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