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With Nail Extension, Get Insta-Worthy Attention

Nail extension are made up of hard nail gel or acrylic that can be hardened to give the impression of a real nail. These extensions deserve a spot on your glam list because they are the trendiest way to spice up your nail game.

2020 is the year of extravagant style and nail extensions in Delhi are here to compliment the trend. Flashy colors, miniature jewelry, glitters, sparkles and even fanciful lengths are here to rock the fashion streets.

Nail extensions are a voguish way of pampering the inner goddess inside you and are like a blank canvas waiting to be flourished with color and style. A professional nail technician’s creativity and finesse, your nails can be turned into a masterpiece. Thus, we have chalked out everything you need to know about getting a nail extension.

Nail extensions is a process to increase the length of your natural nails, done by adding tips on your natural nails. Tips and other whole process of adding extensions to nails is classified under three categories based on what material is used and how is it attached to one’s nails:

1. Gel Nail Extensions:

- Gel extensions are an overlay of a gel that is usually clear, transparent and thick. The structure is prepared by pasting tips on your nails using nail glue, which is then supported and hardened by coating it with gel. This whole process is referred as ‘Nail Buildup’. Gels are lightweight, more comfortable, look more natural, don’t damage the natural nails and are odorless. Gel Nails have a life of about 2 to 3 weeks and are easy to remove.

2. Acrylic Nail Extensions:

- This process is the same as gel nails. Here acrylic powder is build over nail tips instead of gel. Monomer is used for the process which turns acrylic powder in to a past which is coated smoothly over nail tips. Acrylic nail are stronger and last longer as compared to gel nails. Acrylic nail removal is a bit tricky compared to gel.

3. Fibreglass Nail Extensions:

Also called Silk Nail wraps or silk extensions, and involves a material called fiberglass. The material is either cut in the shape of the nail bed or tip after which hard nail gel is used to seal it on the natural nails. They need nail refilling as any other nail extensions need. In New Delhi these nails are less common as they are expensive and only a few nail salons do these nail. These nails can be done in your preferred length and shape like any gel or acrylic nails. Fiberglass material is very strong and is already being used in many other industries like automobile , aviation and personal protective equipments thus making your nails super strong.

Nail Shapes

Now that you have done with your choice of nail, you need to choose your nail shapes. There is a verity of nail shapes available like Square, Oval, Round, Almond, Ballerina and many more. Also with these shapes you can choose the length of your nail. It is very important that you decide what nail art you need in advance as some of the nail art need a longer length of extensions.

Below are some of the examples of nail extension shapes to choose from.

Nail extensions price in Delhi/Near me

Nail extension are the very base of your nails and it is very important to get it correct. If not done correctly, all your time and money spent on any art or gel paint will go wasted. It is very important to get it done by a professional nail technical or professional nail salon in Delhi. Price of nail extension depends on various factors, like quality work offered by a nail bar, hygiene level, experience level and many more things. We have been doing nails since a long time and have always offered the best quality and artwork for you. We have always tried to keep the prices as low as possible while doing the best of nail extensions and art. Price for different styles of nail extension are as below without any gel paint or art.

Acrylic Nails -Rs 499/-

Gel Nails-Rs 499/-

Fiberglass Nails-Rs1,399/-

Form Nail Extensions(Acrylic)-Rs1,299/-

Form Nail Extensions(Gel)-Rs1,299/-

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